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Confidentiality is an essential part of all counselling and psychotherapy. It underpins the client’s sense of safety and trust and contributes to making the therapeutic relationship different from any other. Oasis of Hope Counselling Center holds all records securely and will ensure confidentiality in the treatment of any information held about its clients.

Confidentiality includes not just the contents of therapy sessions but often the fact that a client is in therapy. It is common that therapists or people working at counselling center’s, for example will not acknowledge the clients of the Center if they run into them outside of therapy in an effort to protect client confidentiality.

Other ways confidentiality is protected include:


  • Not leaving revealing information on voicemail, and seeking client permission before leaving any information at all on voicemail
  • Not acknowledging to outside parties that a client has an appointment
  • Not discussing the contents of therapy with a third party without the explicit permission of the client.


All sessions at Oasis of Hope Counselling Center are completely confidential. The identity of individuals and personal details are carefully protected.


Payment: Payment is due after each session if cash, or before each session if via bank transfer. Advance payment is acceptable if suitable to client and if any packages are available.

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Cancellation Policy: At Oasis of Hope Counselling Center: we have a 15-hour cancellation policy. The required notice for cancellation is 15 hours before the session. Clients must notify us of any cancellations 15 hours before their scheduled session or they will be charged half the amount of their session. Also in the case that a client does not attend a session without a prior cancellation or cancels less than an hour before the session, the client will be obligated to pay for the full session.


Please note, that your counsellor or therapist may cancel any of the scheduled sessions at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.


Ending: Once a client is accepted for treatment we have an ethical responsibility to accompany the process to the end. Therapy comes to a completion naturally as an agreement between both parties. The client is free to end therapy at any stage by discussing this first with his counsellor or therapist.